San José Family In Triple Fatal Fire Receives Nearly $500K In Donations

City officials, community organizations and well-known public figures came together Wednesday to donate nearly $500,000 in gifts and cash — including a new mobile home — to families that lost loved ones in a triple fatal mobile home fire last week.

Crackdown coming against food giveaways for homeless at San José’s St. James Park

A decadeslong tradition for downtown’s hungry and homeless — snagging a free bite to eat at one of the many clandestine feedings at St. James Park — is coming to an end, as the city has decided to crack down on unauthorized distributions at the park.

Fireworks Expected When San José Flood Victims Face Off Against Politicians

San José City Councilman Raul Peralez is hurling harsh criticism against his counterparts at the Santa Clara County Water District for failing to adequately manage millions of taxpayer dollars earmarked for flood protection projects.

San José City Council approves policy against no-cause evictions

San José City Council approves policy against no-cause evictions

City elected leaders Tuesday approved sweeping new measures to strengthen renter protections in one of the nation’s most expensive markets — including a requirement that landlords cite a reason for refusing to renew a lease — a move advocates called “historic.”

“I feel outstanding gratitude to the six members of the City Council who had the courage and compassion to make this happen,” said longtime advocate Bob Brownstein, who said he’s pushed for these policies for 40 years.

San José Council to Discuss Safe Houses to Prevent Deportations under President Donald Trump

In a memo co-authored Friday by Mayor Sam Liccardo and council members Raul Peralez, Sergio Jimenez, Magdalena Carrasco and Sylvia Arenas, the missive lays out discussion points to provide legal assistance to immigrant communities, broaden emergency communication networks and create partnerships with faith-based organizations. A rubric attached to the memo mentions the need to identify sanctuaries to “shelter undocumented from deportation at local institutions,” which would most likely require revisions to city building codes and permits due to capacity restrictions.

San José Councilman Raul Peralez: Cop pointed gun at me at my home

San José Councilman Raul Peralez: Cop pointed gun at me at my home

San José Councilman Raul Peralez says a police officer pointed a gun at him at his downtown home not long ago. Peralez, a former officer himself, revealed the incident when taking on a Nevada legislator who he says is giving “insane” advice — that it’s OK to point a gun at a police officer if the cop aims one at you.

San José councilman, deputy fire chief help capture carjacking suspect

Sometimes the folks at City Hall literally jump into action to tackle a problem, as an alleged carjacker and kidnapper discovered early Monday night.

City Councilman Raul Peralez, a former police officer, and Deputy Fire Chief Robert Sapien were speaking at a neighborhood meeting at a downtown coffee house when a car crashed outside on Auzerais Street.